Banknote processing machines

Pronote 300

Compact, flexible and impressively fast

Pronote 300 features:

· Superior counting speed of up to 1,500 banknotes per minute
· Easy operation and intuitive LCD touch screen
· Special infrared sensors ensure highest level of authentication
· Compact size of 255 x 263 x 268 6.5kg and small footprint
· Simple updates adapt it quickly to new requirements
· Advanced recognition of up to 30 currencies

Pronote 1.5

Comfortable and Compact Processing Power

Pronote 1.5 features:

· Exemplary sorting speed of 1,300 bank notes per minute
· Non-stop performance thanks to a sophisticated reject compartment
· Currency authentication powered by state-of-the-art sensor technology
· Space-saving compact design of just 335 x 280 x 270 mm
· Configuration for up to 40 currencies, with auto-currency option
· User-friendly programmable user interface and jog dial knob


Smart, Fast, Robust

BPS C1 features:

· Rapid sorting by denomination, series and orientation
· Secure authentication and value verification
· Multicurrency processing for up to ten currencies
· Optional quality sorting for up to 3 fitness classes (ATM, FIT® , UNFIT)
· Highly cost-efficient due to ease of use and durability
· Service support: Remote access for updates, upgrades, monitoring und diagnosis

BPS C2 family

Outstanding Performance in All Its Variety

BPS C2 family features:

· Greater productivity: The consistently high speed of 1,050 BN/min when counting, sorting, authenticating or reading serial numbers
· Greater future viability
· Numerous possible interfaces allow the BPS® C2 systems
· Cutting-edge tools
· Applications
· web services allow even more efficient and cost-effective processes.


On the Fast Track – with Maximum Efficiency

BPS C5 features:

  • Highly flexible configuration with up to 6 Standard Delivery Modules (SDM) with 4 output stackers each. Existing machines can be easily upgraded on site.
  • Very simple, intuitive, and easy to use featuring a touchscreen with a freely positional graphical user interface
  • Nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour in all operation modes.
  • State-of-the-art sensors developed specifically to meet the requirements of commercial users: Fast, reliable, precise.
  • Platform concept enables increased efficiency for training and operation, updates/upgrades, and service, as well as in relation to integration.


High-Speed for Maximum Efficiency

BPS M3 features:

· High productivity: the BPS® M3 processes up to 76,000 banknotes per hour, and reduces work steps to a minimum – for maximum efficiency.
· Security: state-of-the-art sensors precisely and check value, security features, and fitness for circulation. Tickets and banknote serial numbers are also securely detected.
· High flexibility: the modular structure and numerous extension options enable the system to be adapted - even to changed requirements after installation.
· Very user-friendly: ergonomic design and an advanced graphical user interface make the system easy and intuitive to use.
· Optimum efficiency: the notable robustness and quality of the BPS® M3, as well as its high productivity, guarantee many years of reliable operation.


 Unsurpassed Productivity for the Commercial High Speed World

M5 features:

· Speed variants for 22 and 33 banknotes per second (up to 80,000 or 120,000 banknotes per hour)
· Best-in-class sensor solution ensures full-area authenticity verification and high resolution fitness sorting
· Up to 5 delivery modules. Each delivery module comes with 4 stackers with online banders or 2 large stackers each holding up to 2,000 loose banknotes
· Consistent processing of mixed denominations with various formats and substrates
· Cyber security by BPS® Protect
· Modular concept, evolving to unique intelligent automation options

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