Coin Counter Coin100

Compact housing. Easy operation

Coin100 features:

• coin counter Coin100 for single denomination coins
• intake capacity: up to 12.000 coins
• counting speed: 2.500 coins/minute
• up to 10 coin types
• large hopper extension included

Coin Counter Coin120

Large coin hopper. Fast coin counting machine.

Coin120 features:

• counts and batches single denomination coins
• intake capacity: up to 18.000 coins
• counting speed: up to 2.500 coins/minute
• up to 10 coin types
• various configurable batch stops
• storage of counting operations

Mix Coin Value Counter Cashwork Coin 200

Extra silent: For retailers and bank cashiers

Coin200 features:

• Coinsure® Sensor
• Counting of mixed Euro coins
• Counts and proves all Euro coins
• Detection of foreign coins
• Easy updates by USB-stick
• High counting speed

Coin Sorter Cashwork Coin 300

Compact heavy duty coin sorting system

Coin300 features:

• Counting and sorting of mixed coins
• Coinsure® Sensor
• Best filling height of its class
• Smallest footprint of its class
• Easy updates by USB-stick
• Up to 50% higher speed

Coin Sorting System Cashwork One

Extra fast. Particularly quiet.

Cashwork one features:

• High-performance coin sorting system
• Verification according to Bundesbank regulations
• Update-capable system
• Corresponds to EU 1210/2010
• Coinsure 4D Matrix® Sensor
• Extra high counting rate

Coin Sorter Q12

Perfect for high coin volumes

Q12 features:

• Superior ergonomics. Maximum efficiency
• Coin outlets with status indicator
• New sensor module
• Brush replaces belt
• Compatible with C31

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