CIT (Cash in transit)

Compass VMS® Starter Edition

Budget-friendly cash management

Compass VMS features:

  • Cost-effective: leverage an industry-leading ratio of value to total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase growth potential with a modular structure
  • Simple to use: easily integrate with and monitor BPS® machines and core banking systems from multiple sites with out-of-the-box interfaces and a centralized view
  • Comprehensive support: get help with receiving deposits, preparation, processing, auto-verification, and balancing cash flow
  • Varied reporting options: access more than 30 default reports for processing, inventory, and more
  • Improved process audit trail: record and collect all transaction entries and store them for future analysis
  • Security by design: take advantage of up-to-date security procedures embedded throughout

CWC Transport

take charge of your transport operation

CWC Transport features:

  • Automated planning: communicate changes to routes while in transit, auto-plan journeys based on master routes, and allocate resources such as staff, vehicles, equipment, and other assets to routes and locations
  • Track and trace: gain a clear overview of all your orders and packages and see which services have been executed with track and trace technology
  • Measured performance: configurable KPIs, such as service completion percentage and cost per stop, allow you to measure and manage performance against SLAs
  • Integrated platform: integrate with electronic locks, Google Maps, route optimization systems, and third-party cash center systems
  • Flexible solution: adjust for repacks, recollects, split routes, and various other scenarios and exceptions that are encountered on CIT routes
  • Mobile app: Perform cash deliveries, cash collections, and maintenance work through the Android app. Receipt printing and digital signatures speed up operations while NFC verification, geo-fencing, and integration with ATM e-locks increase security

CWC Call & Incident

Enhance the customer experience

CWC Call & Incident features:

  • Maximal uptime: gain visibility of cash-point-related incidents, queries, or complaints and resolve them quickly
  • Increased customer satisfaction: provide all departments and companies involved in call resolution with online access to task lists for effective resolution
  • Automated workflows: create automated processes that enable tasks and responsibilities to be assigned correctly
  • Improved SLAs: track and manage all SLAs, including automated escalation to management to deliver a professional service
  • Informed management reporting: access progress reports and provide clients with relevant information
  • Secure access: authorize the right people to have visibility of the relevant information


CWC ATM & Branch: optimize the availability and cost of cash

CWC ATM & BRANCH features

  • More visibility: monitor cash levels and the technical status of individual or groups of cash points in your network in real time to maximize uptime
  • Improved orders: calculate the best replenishment and maintenance orders at the right time and track their progress throughout the process to reduce costs and residual cash
  • Dynamic daily forecasting: predict cash demand more accurately on both denomination and cash point level, and compare future scenarios
  • Reduced costs: lower interest costs from optimized cash levels, minimized processing costs with smaller and fewer (emergency) orders, and reduced insurance costs
  • Better billing: automate the creation of billing lines for your invoices and achieve real-time reconciliation per cash point at multiple points in the process
  • Secure collaboration: standardize exchange of information with your supply chain partners and collaborate with them on a centralized and permission-controlled online platform

CWC Retail

help retail customers improve cash management

CWC Retail features:

  • Real-time visibility: gain insights into the cash levels, discrepancies, services, and technical status of retail operations
  • Cash process optimization: forecast cash demand and increase the uptime of cash machines, such as smart safes, POS systems, or retail terminals
  • Automated orders: CITs and banks can benefit from automated orders for collection and change money
  • Increased transparency: integrate reconciliation across various levels and receive consignment alerts when orders are created
  • More control: gain control of insurance limits and help retailers with cash flows for each shop, region, or entire operation
  • Offer additional services: value-added services such as pre-crediting can reduce pressure on retailers’ cash flow

Our aim is to offer our customers, first class, professional and friendly service. 



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